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Paula Landry

Paula Landry, MBA is an author and award-winning writer/producer who works in film, television and media entrepreneurship. Her clients include brands, creatives and companies big and small. Her ?lms have debuted at Sundance, Chelsea Film Festival, Raindance NYC, CineVegas, winning awards from the Best Actors Film Fest, Austin Comedy, Columbia Pictures Screen Gems, Time Warner Showtime Audience Award, and WorldFest Houston Film Festival; her writing has won the Lugnut Award, 2nd Round at Austin Film Festival, and a semi-finalist at Made in NY Writer’s Room. Ms. Landry is a member of Disney’s Creative Talent Development & Inclusion program. Recent film projects include Irish crime thriller LAST PINT based on the largest bank heist in Ireland, a docu-series about trends in the lives of neurodiverse people, developing Warren Adler’s play (War of the Roses) DEAD IN THE WATER for the screen. As a creator, her purpose is to reduce loneliness by connecting with people through stories & ideas, link artists with entrepreneurial tools, and clients with increased revenue and visibility. She is the author of Applying Entrepreneurship to the Arts, Scheduling and Budgeting Your Film: A Panic- Free Guide, 2nd ed. and co-author with Stephen Greenwald of The Business of Film, A Practical Guide, 3rd ed. She generates budgets and business plans for clients in filmmaking. Stay in touch at, @aflickchickNYC on IG and on LinkedIn!

Paula serves as Vice President for the non-profit filmmaking organization PANO Network, a safe, inclusive, and encouraging community for women, non-binary & GNC creators and their supporters. Join to hire, find work and build your network of filmmakers, level up your career with including grants, discounts, mentorship and much more.

My areas of expertise:

Producing, Writing, Budgeting/Scheduling, Entrepreneurship, Starting Companies, Development