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About MFJF

Run by current film industry professionals, the MFJF Network is here to support you to achieve your film ambitions. Find exclusive job opportunities from our contacts from across the industry and connect with our network of industry professionals via 1:1 mentoring, workshops, exclusive programs and the latest jobs and opportunities from across the web and social media.

Join now to get the best start for your film career!

My First Job in Film

Run by Current Film Industry Professionals

We all know how hard it is to start your film career, especially so if your parents haven't previously won Oscars...

So let us introduce you to our network, My First Job In Film, where current industry professionals share their contacts with you through exclusive job opportunities, mentoring and workshops. If you want the best possible help with your film career then there is only one network to join, MFJF!

Our network is now your network so sign up and join us!

Exclusive Job Opportunities

Death and Taxes are apparently the only guarantees in life...well how about adding to the list the need for a network to grow a film career?

Well, you are now part of the MFJF Network! We proactively reach out to our contacts across the industry to find the latest opportunities just for you! Hundreds of contacts, all using their insider networks to help you!

On top of that, our team of diligent digital hawks scour the web and all of social media to bring you a huge array of entry-level jobs and opportunities all in one place...we take the stress out of job hunting and even provide you with a personal career advisor too!


1:1 Mentoring

Getting your first job in the film industry is often the hardest (and loneliest) step, you very much feel on the outside looking in. The MFJF Community Mentors are here to bring the industry to you!

The MFJF Community Mentor program aims to bring together hundreds of current industry professionals for you to engage with and provide unique insider knowledge to boost your career.

Search and find the right mentor for you and book a session today!


Day Players Program

The ambition for many members of MFJF is to work on union productions, feature films and scripted TV. But how do you make that leap from working on student films, shorts and non-union to union-productions?

Jobs on union productions are rarely advertised. Finding work on these productions relies upon the traditional recommendation, who you know system.

Now MFJF is giving its members access to these jobs via The Day Players program.

All participants will receive personal mentoring and career advice from the Head of the MFJF Academy, and leader of the Day Player Program, Nicole Payson. You will also be invited to exclusive 'meet the industry' networking events so they can meet recruiters and expand their own networks.


Writer's Corner Program

Led by the Head of the MFJF Writer's Corner, Nathan Elston, a writer/producer, represented by UTA, from Brooklyn, New York, best known for his work on HBO's hit series SUCCESSION as Staff Writer and Associate Producer, our Writer's Corner is our finishing school for MFJF Screenwriters. Mentoring, Workshops and personal assistance are all available to MFJF Members:

"I am here to help aspiring screenwriters, giving them career advice and mentoring. You can get in touch with me via email, book a 1-1 mentoring session or attend one of my monthly virtual Q&A sessions via Zoom."

Sign up for our free monthly Writer's Q&A or book a 1:1 with Nate - we are here to help!


Our Advice

We all want a quick fix, a silver bullet, a lucky break but sometimes the most obvious advice is the best:

Research, Research, Research
  • Yes, research can be boring, but researching the film industry and increasing your knowledge is crucial if you want to get off to the best start. Ask yourself, do you want to be working on set as a member of the crew or be more office-based? Would you be comfortable being self-employed or would you prefer the security of a regular paycheck? There are many questions that are so important and you need to be able to answer them for yourself.

    This website is packed full of career guides, plans, resources, and industry knowledge for you to read through and study. In the case studies section, you will find examples from individuals who were once in your shoes but are now established in their careers.

    The more research you do, the more you will understand the industry, and that knowledge will inform your decisions going forward. Most importantly, it will help you in deciding which area of the industry you want to specialize in.

Career Planners
  • Once you have a clear idea about which career you want to pursue, you need to focus your energy on knowing as much as you possibly can about it. This is where our career planners come in. They are broken down into three stages, with each stage having realistic goals for you to complete which are either knowledge, skills, or experience-based. Career planners can be found at the bottom of each of our career guides, along with example resumes and other resources to help you find your dream job.

We Are Here To Help You
  • Many of your questions can be answered via our resources section, which includes comprehensive resume advice and example resumes helping you understand what it takes to launch your career. 

    If you haven't already, make sure you join our Facebook group. It's there for you to post requests for advice from our career advisor, to find out how other members are getting on, and to discuss all things film-related. Getting involved in this kind of community discussion will increase your knowledge and help improve your chances of becoming the next Tarantino or Spielberg. You can post your resume for feedback, ask for help, talk about applications and get tips and tricks for getting ahead. 

    And don't forget, if you have a question about your MFJF account or a job that you have applied for, you can always send us an email and we will respond as soon as we can. 

Apply For The Right Jobs
  • It's easy to jump straight in and start applying for anything and everything. Don't do it! 

    Before you apply for anything, make sure you research the industry, review the relevant career planner to determine which stage of your career you're in, and most importantly -  change your resume using our resume advice. Once you've done all of these things, you are ready to apply for the jobs.

    Take your time. Only apply for those jobs that are right for you and your chosen career. Before you apply for any job, check through the details to make sure you have the skills and experience required by the employer. Make sure your cover letter is tailored for that job and follow our resume advice to give yourself the best chance possible. 

Our Promise To You
  • We promise to ensure that My First Job In Film remains a vibrant community of new filmmakers, with up-to-date resources to help you improve your industry knowledge. Our aim is to help you improve your applications and to provide you with lots of exclusive and exciting opportunities in film. 

    Whilst we love success stories about members who find work through the site, we are aware that not everyone will find a job using our service. What we can promise to all of our members, is that we will provide you with valuable career advice and industry information, giving you access to the tools and knowledge that you need to start your film career.

    If you would like to tell us about a success that you've had, or if you would like to send us some feedback about the site or believe we can do a better job, please get in touch by emailing [email protected] We are here to help!

Is MFJF right for me?

Anyone starting their career in the film industry can become a My First Job In Film member, but you must be aged 18 or overdue to Employment Law legislation. 

Many of our members will have film-related degrees, a degree in film or any other subject is not essential to enter the film industry. A strong academic background is helpful, but again, not always required. 

If you are changing careers, you are equally welcome to bring your proven work ethic and transferrable skills, but you must know that you will probably have to start at the bottom of the ladder, so be prepared to work hard and earn a minimum wage.

Our members tend to fall into one of these three career categories:

Stage 1
  • You have a passion for film, but little or no work experience in the industry. You might be fresh out of school, university or you might be embarking on a career change. Your initial focus should be on increasing your knowledge and skills, thereby improving your chances of success when applying for opportunities. These are all factors you can control, by researching and adding technical skills to your armory, as well as volunteering or simply picking up a camera and getting examples of your work online.

Stage 2
  • You have advanced knowledge and understanding of the industry, so your focus is on gaining experience and building up your list of industry contacts. Collaborations and internships are perfect for you as they add valuable experience to your resume. One key task is to get industry references, as these are a crucial way to elevate your applications.

Stage 3
  • You have a resume with multiple credits or internships and some excellent references, so you are set to find a permanent position and/or have established your own network of contacts to help you find regular, sustainable work.

Our tips for getting the most out of the site

1. Make sure you add all your experience to your profile and detail your technical skills. If you don't have technical skills, such as knowledge of edit software, then the onus is on you to learn!

2. On the applications, give full, detailed answers for the Application Questions. If they are looking for someone with knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite then specifically detail your knowledge and the projects you worked on using Adobe software.

3. Make sure your resume is customized! It's boring and can take time, but analyze the job advert, what is it that they are actually looking for? Make those skills and experience prominent on your resume. 

4. Never wait to apply - apply immediately!

5. This is a sensitive one, but being able to drive and having access to a car makes a huge difference. Of course, not everybody can afford a car, but it would be remiss of us not to mention that in the world of production, certainly when on location, having a car is vital.




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