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MFJF Academy

Starting a Career in Film: Set PA

Virtual Workshop - June 8th, 2023 at 6pm, EST. Tickets are $10.

Get your ticket now!

Set PA - Virtual Workshop

This Set PA Virtual Workshop is an informal course, giving you the confidence and information you need to start your Set PA career.

This course is aimed at our Stage 1 and 2 members.

The workshop is 90 minute long, delivered via Zoom, covering the basics from your first day on set, the lingo used on walkie-talkies to how to network and make a resume.

The workshop only has a limited number of spaces to encourage your questions and participation.

You will then have the opportunity to get your questions answered with a concluding Q&A session. 


"MFJF Academy’s PA Workshop was such a great experience and prepared me to work on set. The presentation extensively covered what a day on a film set would look like, and the different types of roles available in the AD department. Then, we were able to speak with industry professionals who were more than welcoming and willing to talk about their various roles and experience. I learned so much during the workshop and met so many amazing peers. I would highly recommend anyone to participate!"

- Anna LaGrassa, April 2023 PA Workshop attendee


The aim of the workshop is to teach people who have never been on set of a scripted tv show or feature film how to succeed as a production assistant.

Topics covered will include: 
- A Day in the Life of a Set PA 
- What is a Set Production Assistant? 
- The Hierarchy of the Assistant Director Department 
- Explanation of the staff production assistant roles
- Tips on what to bring and what to wear for your first day on set 
- The Do's and Don'ts of being on set 
- The lingo used on walkie talkie 
- What is a lock-up? 
- What does it mean to gaff a van? 
- Go over resume and networking tips 


Tickets are $10.

As with all our virtual workshops and masterclasses, there are only a limited number of spaces so please get your ticket ASAP to avoid disappointment.

We are mindful that our members are students, job seekers and career changers, so are often not flush with cash. Therefore all the MFJF Academy workshops are subsidised by to keep prices low to ensure everyone has an opportunity to join in.

We charge a nominal fee of $10 to deter dropouts as spaces are limited.

That said if you truly can not afford the nominal fee, please email [email protected] introducing yourself and we will waive the fee.



Anyone is welcome to join our virtual workshops. No experience is required, if you are simply curious about a career in film or are a recent film graduate we welcome you to join us.

Please look at our Career Stages Pathways to understand where your experience lies in the grand scheme of things, it will help you navigate and plan your next steps. These workshops are for Stage 1 and 2 members.

You don't need to have MFJF membership to join this workshop.




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