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MFJF Academy

Starting a Career in Film

Starting a Career in Film - The 101 Beginners Guide on May 30th, 2023 at 6pm, EST.
Designed for total beginners, this free 60-minute workshop via zoom will provide invaluable guidance on how to kickstart your film career. Register now!

Starting a Career in Film - The 101 Beginners Guide

Not sure how to start your career in film? Have lots of questions and not enough answers? Our monthly 101 workshop is the perfect place to start! 

Calling all new entrants and film beginners! If you've been wondering how to take your first steps in the film industry, this workshop is tailor-made for you. Whether you have burning questions or just don’t know where to begin, our monthly 101 workshop has you covered.

Event Details 

  • Where: Zoom (details provided post sign up)

  • For Who: For New Entrants / Film Beginners

  • Cost: Free

  • Frequency: Monthly! Register for future dates if you can’t make this one

Led by our Head of the MFJF Academy Nicole Payson, this workshop will provide you with a comprehensive introduction to how the film industry works and how to break into it.

During the workshop, you'll discover the best roles to start with and learn how to build the essential skills and network you’ll need to start your career with confidence.

Best of all, this workshop is completely free! So mark your calendars and be sure to register for future dates if you're unable to make it this time.


This virtual seminar is aimed at those at the beginning of their film career. We cover the do's and don'ts so you can avoid the pitfalls that many fall into. It can be a lonely and frustrating journey, it certainly won't happen instantly, but MFJF is here to help:

- The seminar is 60 minutes long, hosted via Zoom
- The order of content is as follows:
- Who is MFJF: what do we do and why
- Overview of the Film Industry: How it works & how to break in
- Why so hard to break into, challenges & opportunities faced by new entrants
- The MFJF Three Career Stages: your pathway to success
- Q & A: What are your biggest worries about getting started in film?


"Before MFJF, I didn’t entirely know where to begin. The film industry can be so elusive and no one will give you the same answer on how to enter it. This program really opened a door, and granted me the opportunity to make that first step. Little did I know, after taking a risk and attending an MFJF program, I would be on set pursuing my dreams"

- Gideon Baeza (MFJF Academy Workshop Attendee)

Free? Yes Free!

This 101 Beginners Guide costs nothing to join and participate in. However, places for each workshop are limited so please do not delay, book your please now!

We will be running this every month.

To register please follow this link:



Anyone is welcome to join these monthly 101 workshops. No experience is required, if you are simply curious about a career in film or are a recent film graduate we welcome you to join us.

Please look at our Career Stages Pathways to understand where your experience lies in the grand scheme of things, it will help you navigate and plan your next steps. These 101 workshops are for Stage 1 members.

You don't need to have MFJF membership to join this free workshop.




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