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Scout Watkins

   Production Credits   
   Non-Production Credits   

About Scout

Hello! I studied production design at Emerson College and moved to LA post-covid to pursue this career. At Emerson, I took many courses within our set design for the theater to expand my skills. Once in LA, I worked on non-union projects in the Art Department as a set decorator. I have also worked on union projects as an art pa or a site representative. I appreciate all the opportunities I have gotten so far, as each one has taught me something new. Especially working as a site rep, I have had the chance to be on many large-scale union shows. I have made connections on these projects where I can, but nothing has come of it so far. I love living here in LA and have found myself very happy in this career that I have chosen despite its pitfalls.

Locations I would like to work
Los Angeles, California
Production areas I would like to work in
Set PA, Art Department PA, Office PA
Non-Production areas I would like to work in
Creative Agency, Exhibition
The collaborations roles I am interested in
Art Department Assistant, Production Designer

Skills & Experience

Driving license

General Experience

Has a valid US drivers licence.
Has experience of driving a van.
Has their own car.

Software Experience

Adobe Illustrator
- Competent
Adobe Photoshop
- Competent
Adobe Premier
- Competent
After Effects
- Basic
MS Excel
- Expert
MS Powerpoint
- Expert
MS Word
- Expert

Production Experience

Art Department PA. Commercial
Human Rights Foundation expo
Human Rights Foundation

2 Days

Mar 2023

Art Department PA. Commercial
NBA Non Stop Christmas

3 Weeks

Nov 2022

Production Designer. Commercial
The Immersive Nutcracker
Russian Ballet

1 Month

Nov 2022

Set Decorator. Music Video
VB Films

1 Week

Oct 2022

Production Designer. Music Video
Soft Landing
Vilas Entertainment

3 Days

Oct 2022

Set Decorator. Feature Film (Non-Union)
Exposure LLC

5 Weeks

May 2022

Non-Production Experience

Site Representative. Permanent Job
Commercial Prod Co
Unreel Locations


Jun '22


Emerson College
Film production

2016 - 2019.
Emerson College
Visual Media Arts

MediaMKRS Badges