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How to start your year the right way ...

January 2022 | Georgie McGahey

How's the start to your year going?

However you decided to bring in the new year we hope you had fun doing so - and as the effects of having a good time subside, you may be considering making a plan to start the new year. 

Growth, professionally and personally, is made of small steps, so take the time to celebrate your achievements in 2021, no matter how small - even if it was just surviving an uncertain year - remember how far you have come. 

So how can you make some professional gains in 2022?

1. The old fashioned new years resolution. Ultimately they can become meaningless if you don't figure out the A to B which is why you need to add some progress goals in there too. If you have zero industry experience and think 2022 is your year to break into the film industry, take a few moments to consider how. What does an industry resume look like? What should be on it, etc,. Fortunately for you, we have got you covered and you can check out our career guides and download our career planners for FREE!

Key points for setting attainable goals:

  • Consider past failures and consider what went wrong. If you have adopted strategies in the past that haven't worked, don't repeat past mistakes. Be honest with yourself, it will save you time in the long run.
  • Keep it specific.
  • Don't create too many - you can overwhelm yourself in the first few weeks. By focusing on one goal at a time you stand a greater chance of achieving success.
  • Make a plan and take your time doing so. Finding out the steps of getting from A to B is the most important step you can take. 
  • Make sure your plan consists of small attainable steps. Again, avoid overwhelming yourself.
  • Find support from friends and family. If you're finding it tough then say so. Keeping motivated when you feel as though you aren't getting anywhere can be hard. 
  • Your goals may change - and that's ok! Change it up if you feel like your goals are not aligned with your overall vision. When you are starting out you may find you want to change department or another area of the business that catches your eye. Stay on target but change it up if things aren't working. 

    2. The vision board. You don't need to go and spend $30 on glossy mags for this one unless you really want to. Apps such as Canva, Pinterest, PicMonkey, can offer a digital solution that you can have as a screen saver. The idea is you should be able to see this at all times. Not only does the vision board have a practical element of considering your goals in the first place, if you believe in the law of attraction the vision board is an essential component. Obviously, you need to put the work in, but having images in your mind that inspire you and motivate you on your journey can be incredibly empowering. 

    3. Setting performance goals - not outcomes. If you have tried and failed with goal setting perhaps the big outcome goal isn't for you and in today's current climate, setting goals that you can control can be more fulfilling. If your goal is to send out 3 customised resume's that have undergone considerable care and attention, it's an attainable goal - and if you succeed feels like a positive step. If your goal is to just 'get a job' you may find yourself sending out 10 generic resumes in a scattergun approach - which rarely yields results. Pay attention to the detail and take the wins in getting it done. 

    So with these in mind go forth and make a plan! 

    Good luck out there everyone and let us know how you are getting on via the Facebook Group. 

    Happy New Year

    Team MFJF 

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