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MFJF Community Mentor Program

Welcome to the MFJF Mentor Program where experienced industry professionals pass on their advice and guidance to tomorrow's talent.

Community Mentor Program

Getting your first job in the film industry is often the hardest (and loneliest) step, you very much feel on the outside looking in. The MFJF Community Mentors are here to be that door to the industry for you.

The MFJF Community Mentor program aims to bring together hundreds of current industry professionals and those that need their advice the most, early career filmmakers.

In a quick and easy system, MFJF members are able to book 20-minute sessions with professionals from across the industry, giving unique access to expert industry advice in a practical 1:1 session.

To browse and book a mentor session please visit the Community Mentor homepage. Where you should be able to find out everything you need to know about the program, choose a mentor and book your session.



Please use this list of FAQs to learn more about the MFJF Community Mentor Program:

How do I book a mentor session?
  • You can book a session with a mentor by searching for an available mentor via the Mentor index page.

How does the Mentor contact me?
  • The mentor will contact you at the time of the session. You will receive reminder emails to ensure you are not late! You do not contact the mentor, they have your contact details, resume and questionnaire.

Can I cancel a session?
  • Yes, of course, you manage and view all your sessions via your Dashboard. Just log in to MFJF and click on Dashboard via the menu. Please, however, do everything you can to avoid cancelling a session. Cancelations and no-shows will only put off mentors from giving up their time to support our community. Repeated cancelations and no-shows will result in your account being closed.

Can I meet a Mentor?
  • No, unfortunately, you are not allowed to meet your mentor or contact them even via social media.

How long are the sessions?
  • The sessions are maximum 20 minutes long. Unfortunately, they can not be extended as the mentor will have more people to speak with.

How many sessions can I book?
  • You can book as many sessions as you want, however, please try not to cancel any sessions, as our mentors are volunteering their time.

How will the mentor contact me?
  • The mentor will set out their preferred methods of communication which you must accept and confirm when you book your timeslot.

Do I have to be a PRO Member?
  • Yes, to book a Community Mentor session you will need to have a PRO Account.

Remember to be professional at all times!
  • This is obvious, but you must remain professional throughout the call. Never swear or act like you would with your friends. Equally, DO NOT ASK FOR A JOB. It sounds tough to say, but these mentors are not here for that. They are here to give you advice and support for you to use and implement.



Can't find the answers to your questions? Drop us an email!





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