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Emma Young

Production Assistant | New York | IMDB

About Me

Emma Young (Emmy) was gifted her first camera at five years old. Sitting on that for-hire Santa’s lap during Christmas 2004, she fell in love. She always knew that she belonged in front of, behind, or in the general vicinity of any sort of entertainment production. From age seven and peeing her pants on stage as Tree #3 during a community performance of Wizard of Oz, to age seventeen and winning a National Business Plan competition at Microsoft HQ in New York City, she always found a way to perform.

Because her childhood experiences with performing and entertainment were so diverse, she sought out an interdisciplinary degree through a liberal arts education at Wake Forest University. As if North Carolina wasn’t far enough from her roots in Central California, Emma decided to spend the entirety of her freshman year of undergrad in Copenhagen, Denmark. While there, she never tired of experiential learning opportunities, all which helped shape her into the renaissance woman she is and continually strives to be. After graduating summa cum laude with honors from Wake Forest, Emma returned to southern California and began a Master's program for Film and TV Producing at Chapman University's Dodge College for Film and Media Arts.

Emmy wants to produce and tell stories because they have the power to create change, even if that change is as small as putting a smile on someone’s face. Nothing is more exciting to her than that…. except maybe making chocolate chip cookies. She loves cookies. And re-learning how to play the piano, mental health advocacy, hiking, traveling, getting lost in art museums, singing, and taking weird personality quizzes online.

My Articles

Networking Is Your Net Worth

1st January 2022

"I have heard it, you have heard it, everyone has probably heard it: your network is your net worth. This reigns true for most industries, and film and entertainment is no exception. In this sector, it..."

It's Not You It's Me

1st January 2024

"It’s not you, it’s me.” Five little yet incredibly painful words; usually a phrase reserved for cinema’s biggest f*ckboys. Ironically enough, it is also the phrase that comes t..."

The Zoom Room

1st January 2022

"How does any independent production company stay not only relevant, but in business? I think it is a couple of things. You’ve got to find unbelievably great material; high concept, elevated, sma..."

The Price Of Film Scool - Is It Worth It?

1st January 2022

"Last week I started my 18th consecutive year of school. Honestly, I really and truly have always been the kind of person who loved getting up every morning and going to school. I enjoy it so much that..."