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Success Stories

Everyday people start their film careers with MFJF, here are some of them telling it in their own words:

Benjamin Meads

Camera Assistant

"My First Job in Film has amazing resources that i would recommend to everyone. It really breaks it down from entry level to the different stages and what you should be looking to do at each stage."


Alex Balsom

Production Assistant

"I use My First Job In Film as it’s a brilliant site for recent film graduates like myself to add experience to the CV, as well as gain potential full-time employment within the industry. I made an account as soon as I graduated to be able to apply to any opportunities that interested me. The site is very easy to understand and gives all the information needed to apply smoothly, I couldn’t recommend it enough!"


Alice Stepanova

Work Experience

"I decided to use MFJF since I was really struggling to figure out where I should apply for a work experience this summer. The website was very helpful as it groups all the potential work experiences together and separates them from full-time job offers. I was offered work experience from where I’ll be working this summer"


Bruna Pias

Production Assistant

"I found My First Job in Film Job through a friend, because I was looking for a place where I could find jobs aimed at recent graduates and junior roles I decided to sign up. It offers a lot of opportunities that are exclusively aimed at production and not just overall job opportunities. I've really enjoyed my experience, I have gotten three internships through the website and it really helped me kick start my experience in the industry"


Charlie Rosthorn

Freelance Production Assistant

"I found the interface of My First Job in Film very intuitive and found the way the various roles were played out (work experience, fixed-contract, volunteer etc.) very useful and easy to scan through"


Goncalo Oliveira

Assistant Producer

"I started using MFJF after a friend told me about it when I was searching for a job after graduating from my Screenwriting MA. Even though I had 3 years of industry experience in Portugal moving to the UK meant starting fresh so it was good to have such varied positions at different respected companies available and easily within my reach with MFJF."


Hussan Abukar

Script Reader

"I have been on an HETV Drama for nearly a month now via MFJF. Prior I had gained two work experience roles from MFJF postings, and believe that these on my CV were instrumental for me getting this role"


Jan Ahmet

Office Runner

"Never has applying to film/TV companies been so easy and convenient than when using MFJF. It's simple layout and interface has allowed me to apply to multiple companies quickly and just recently secured a great internship at a sales company."


Jonathan Waller

Sustainability Assistant

"I think the site is really informative and helpful in general in terms of getting applications together, what opportunities are out there and helping people monitor who they’ve applied to and how their applications are coming along, which I was really appreciative of."


Josie Mura

Production Assistant

"The production companies which use this site are top notch and I feel very lucky to have found success on the site within just a few weeks!"


Kam Lashley

Production Assistant

"MFJF is easy to use, simple to update your profile and just as simple to apply for the regularly updated roles and opportunities that are available. I think my success in finding a role so soon after signing up was due to the factor of accessibility the site offers."


Lyra Fewins

Script Reader

"I was so excited to find out that My First Job In Film exists and is available to help us new entrees into the film industry. The site helped me find my first professional experience as a script reader, kickstarting my career. All thanks to My First Job in Film!"


Yemi Adegbulu

Producer's Assistant

"I got my first work experience opportunity through My First Job in Film which ended up in a job for that company"