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Profile Picture
Logan Pies
  • Production Assistant
  • Camera Trainee / Assistant
  • Director's Assistant
  • Development
  • Post Production
  • Scriptwriter
I'm Logan Pies, a junior filmmaker from Hong Kong, passionate about storytelling and cinema. My diverse experience includes directing, camera work, and writing, as detailed in my CV. I am working to establish myself in London as a director, but this is no straight path and I intend to work in any position to gain enough experience and skills to help fulfil this dream. I thrive on creative problem-solving, evident in my roles from directing to producing and serving as a 1st AD. Beyond projects gaining recognition, I've dedicated time to teaching film to diverse social backgrounds in both London and Hong Kong. My filmmaking philosophy sees the art as a unique language, transcending conscious experience. I view film and life as parallel lines, both conveying the mystery and beauty of human consciousness. Excited about the possibility of working together!

Arrowhead (2021)

Kasper finds himself in an unfamiliar environment when a hooded figure catches his attention. Despite the building aggression of the city, he is lured deeper into the unknown.

Viewed 52 times
Added November 2023