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By Adam Chabane
  • Post Production
  • VFX
From a young age, I have been drawn to the world of film and making visual effects. Whether it was making home movies of Lego in action or directing a group of schoolmates in a school project or WW2 action sequence, then adding in effects with After-Effects, I have for a long time now had a serious ambition to forge a career in the VFX world. I studied sciences and maths to A-level (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths) and this proved invaluable when I then undertook the Advanced 3D VFX course at Escape Studios in London. This was my idea of heaven, thriving off the technical challenges that were presented and learning new skills with enthusiasm and aptitude. My showreel consists of shots which I hope demonstrate my creativity and technical skills. I was keen to produce a body of work that was a but different. I wanted to use many different methods and skills to create the different effects; I spent time learning Houdini-Fx for certain specific but powerful procedural modelling/dynamics effects. Now, aged 22, I have to get my foot in the door if I want to go somewhere and work my way up gaining experience and proving my worth.

my showreel

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Added December 2016

My showreel after Escape Studios in London