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By Zeina Azar
  • Producer's Assistant
  • Camera Trainee / Assistant
  • Edit Trainee / Assistant
  • Distribution
  • Post Production
  • Scriptwriter
Life is a difficult word to define. Scientists define it one way, religions define it differently, to me, life is a never ending shot, playing out waiting to be captured, beautiful, comical, aesthetic, a documentary but a drama at the same time, and so far I’ve lived my life as if I were sitting in the director’s chair, a tiny piece of furniture that means more to me than home. I am a Jordanian filmmaker who has completed her undergraduate degree in Media Practice in 2015 from the University of Sussex and will soon graduate with a Master's degree in filmmaking. This drive in education in the field of the moving image has been pushing me forward for as long as I can remember. Passion, commitment and patience are some of the things I've attained on this journey, and have become a part of my everyday life. I have been making short documentary films for the past few years, as well as short films. My work explores and critique current cultural and political issues, specifically in the Middle East region, intersecting with the Western world. Bittersweet is the first screenplay I've written and my most recent project. I've invested all that I have in it, seeing it as a step closer to establish myself in this ever-growing industry which I want to be engulfed in internationally not limited to my area of origin, which is a challenge for people from my background. This is what inspires me to put in double the effort to fit in an industry that I don't own, but will soon accept me and withhold me for what I can give back.

Beyond the Ashes

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Added December 2016

Beyond the Ashes is a short documentary following the journey of two friends to the holiest city in India, Varanasi. Unravelling the true lives of a particular sect of saints called the Aghor, while the media portrays them as weird and disgusting, this the the truth behind their unique practices.