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By Aaron Raw
  • Production Assistant
  • Production Runner
  • Development
  • Distribution
  • Film Marketing
  • Film Sales
I am a digital film production and film studies graduate looking for work in the UK film and television industry. Since 2007 I have endeavored to surround myself in a diverse array of work relevant to the field, whether that be through production, development, marketing, or event organisation. I am an enthusiastic, conscientious and receptive individual who enjoys working as part of a team. I have a positive outlook, a friendly manner and, as a practitioner, I am tenacious in pursuit of my goals. Above all I am deeply passionate about the preservation of British film culture and the promotion of the creative arts. I have a particular love of world cinema (a fascination that stems from my interest in ethnography), and possess a broad knowledge of the medium and its many trends (classical and contemporary).
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In Memoriam

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Added January 2013

Short Experimental Film exploring the aesthetics of memory and the subconscious through the process of automatism