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Alexander Michaels

   Production Credits   

About Alexander

I am a Film and Television Studies graduate from the University of Lincoln, having undertaken the course to discover what specifically I would like to do in the film industry. Now, I wish to pursue scriptwriting and directing specifically in relation to film and television series. The course I completed was more theory-centred than practical, but I have applied my understanding of film theory into various practical projects completed in some modules included in the course. Two group practical projects I completed in my last year of university included using Adobe After Effects and Dragonframe Animation. Adobe After Effects was used to create a title sequence for a new television series, where the title sequence would convey relevant themes and concepts for the audience to feel enticed in the programme and understand what the series will focus on. The group and I chose a police mystery series (including hints of comedy) set in the Caribbean. As for Dragonframe, me and other students had to create a 30-second stop-motion animation to represent character identity. We created a single character that is transported through various fictional worlds, changing into major characters such as Luke Skywalker and Jon Snow. The animation task I especially enjoyed doing as it provided me with an insight into the hard work that goes into making animation, especially stop-motion. As a result, the module increased my interest in animation as a medium that can tell stories in unique ways in contrast to live-action, a direction I may choose to learn more from and pursue in the future. These practical modules I enjoyed doing, even with some of the stresses that accompanied them with completing large amounts of work and ensuring everyone part of team projects was contributing. Although these obstacles occurred, they taught me what obstacles can occur on a film set when making a film. Two short film projects were completed during my time at university, where I was the cinematographer for the first short film and then the sound recordist for the second project. Overall, I enjoyed being the cinematographer the most as it relates to the visual details of a film which I find most interesting. This is evident in theory work I completed during my course where I analysed particular shots and discussed how their construction refers to their possible representations. In addition, I am trying to get back into drawing as I did art at GCSE and then graphic design at A level. Drawing landscapes was my main passion in art, where I feel that film strongly correlates with that. When planning out how I would make a film, I would consider amazing landscapes to show to the audience that would be difficult to witness elsewhere in order to immerse the audience in fantastic worlds from the comforts of their own homes and local cinemas. While these short film projects were based on screenplays written by other students, I am hoping to get my screenplay (which I wrote as part of an assignment alongside my first year project) filmed at some point in the near future. This screenplay relates to both myself and people I know, such as family and friends, following a teenager wanting to be a badminton player. However, in the end, the teenager chooses to join the army as their passion for badminton decreases and they do not know what to do for their career. I am planning on rewriting some elements of the screenplay; for example, the main character may change to be an aspiring tennis player as it relates more to my favourite sport, whereas badminton is a sport I often play socially. This career change of the main character joining the army is inspired by one of my closest friends almost joining the army as they originally did not know what job sector they wanted to go into. Ideas for screenplays originating from the writer and relating to their own experiences is a direction I enjoy going in as a way of expressing my voice on particular matters. This makes these fictional stories, in my opinion, feel intriguing while adding a sense of realism in how the characters act in their surroundings based on my own and other people’s experiences. In my spare time, I continue to write my own screenplays, where I have just completed a TV pilot screenplay and I am currently brainstorming several concepts for potential short and feature films to write and film. I began writing my first feature length screenplay back in 2020 during the COVID lockdowns, which I am returning back to in order to improve it. Having gone back to it now with my university studies completed, I have noticed glaring areas of change necessary for improvement, which I understand is very much normal in the writing process. Now with my university studies complete, I am planning on writing the second draft of my feature screenplay. This will include in depth research on the characters before I begin rewriting so I fully understand how the characters would act in particular situations in the surroundings they find themselves in. This will be essential so they act like real people and the audience can relate to them in some way. My feature screenplay is intended to be part of the fantasy genre, a genre I very much enjoy watching and reading about, with Game of Thrones – including their respective books in the A Song of Ice and Fire series – and How to Train Your Dragon (my favourite animated film) being favourites of mine. This is because they both combine fantasy elements that would not be possible in the real world alongside representations comparable to the real world. These elements I enjoy doing as well where I try to include aspects associated with my experiences into the feature screenplay I am writing, in addition to other screenplays I am hoping to write in the future. At this stage, I am hoping to gain work experience within the film industry that allows me to witness the atmosphere and environment of the industry. Then, I will focus specifically on scriptwriting and directing as roles I wish to pursue further (unless another role of interest arises during my early positions).

Locations I would like to work
St Albans
Production areas I would like to work in
Camera Trainee / Assistant, Production Runner, Director's Assistant
Non-Production areas I would like to work in
Development, Script Reader, Scriptwriter
The collaborations roles I am interested in
Cinematographer/DOP, Director, Script Writer

Skills & Experience

Driving license
Full UK

General Experience

Has a valid UK drivers licence.

Software Experience

Adobe Photoshop
- Basic
Adobe Premier
- Competent
After Effects
- Basic
MS Excel
- Basic
MS Powerpoint
- Competent
MS Word
- Competent

Production Experience

Assistant Art Director. Animation
The Cinephile
University of LIncoln

1 Month

Nov 2022

Sound Designer. Student Production
University of Lincoln

3 Months

Mar 2022

Director of Photography (DOP). Student Production
University of Lincoln

3 Months

Mar 2021


University of Lincoln
Film studies

Showreel & Photographs