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Georgia Adair

About Georgia

My interest for Film Studies started when I enrolled for the AS course in my first year of college. I had little knowledge of Film Studies as a subject area and was originally unaware that it could even be studied. However at an open day I was asked by a tutor “Do you enjoy films” and over the past two years I have realized that yes, initially I did like films. However over my time at college I have found and developed an appreciation of how films are constructed, and the level of dedication and thought process that goes into making films. On the surface a film may appear to be a number of sequences linked together through editing aimed to entice and entertain the audience. However through my studies I have come to realize that a number of film techniques are used to construct meaningful messages. These techniques can go unnoticed by some audience members; however can provide theoretical reflections of society. Film studies has lead me to instinctively always look at films with an open mind, and realize how the smaller aspects of a film can connect together creating motifs, ultimately creating the bigger meaning of a film.

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Floor Runner / Set PA, Production Assistant
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Leeds Beckett
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