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Ariana Sultan

   Production Credits   
   Non-Production Credits   

About Ariana

Hi, my name is Ariana and I love props. I enjoy working with my hands, and collaborating on projects with other creative people. I want to be part of the process that leads to amazing productions, and in particular intricate and imaginative props. I have been gaining skills using different materials, and believe I am at the point where I can add value to an art department. I have had an amazing time creating many items; a resin Batarang, and a hand-sculpted Mandrake to name a few. My family and friends are a massive part of my life. I spend a lot of time with my younger sister, helping her craft and create for her school projects (and for fun). I enjoy travelling, and also love attending concerts - and of course the cinema. I want to help in any way I can, and think this is the best way to get better at what I love. I would like to help creating props that I can be proud of, appearing on a production for people to see. I would love to help the story come to life using my skills - it would be incredible!

Locations I would like to work
Production areas I would like to work in
Art Department Assistant, Props Trainee / Assistant
Non-Production areas I would like to work in
The collaborations roles I am interested in
Art Department Assistant, Prop Maker

Skills & Experience

Software Experience

Adobe Photoshop
- Basic
Adobe Premier
- Basic
MS Powerpoint
- Basic
MS Word
- Basic

Production Experience

Camera Operator. Student Production
Furry Box

2 Weeks

Feb 2015

Camera Operator. Commercial
Oceana Nightclub Promo

1 Day

Apr 2014

Production Runner. Feature Film Production
Love Honour Obey
Ludere Productions

4 Days

May 2013

Non-Production Experience

Assistant Prop Trainee. Internship / Work Experience
Production Company

3 Days

Oct '22

Camera Floor- Prep Technician. Internship / Work Experience
Facilities Companies

1 Day

Oct '15

Lighting/Camera Work Shadowing. Internship / Work Experience
Work Experience
Celebrity Juice

1 Day

May '14


University of Hertfordshire
Film production

Showreel & Photographs