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‘ Up and Running’
- A Film Industry Induction Day

Interested in a career in film production but unsure which job suits you?
Need guidance on how to launch your film production career?

My First Job In Film

in partnership with

The National Film & Television School


‘ Up and Running' - A Film Industry Induction DAY

Join us Saturday, 27th January 2018 at NFTS, Beaconsfield from 9am until 3.30pm 

Free for PRO Members of MFJF and open to all for just £20

If you are taking your first steps towards a career in the film industry, discovering the who, what and why of feature film production is essential to your career journey.

MFJF and the NFTS have teamed up to provide newcomers with information on career paths and how to get started. ‘Up and Running’ - A Film Industry Induction, is a day long, informal course, giving you the confidence and information you need to start your production career.

With a particular focus on the role of floor runner, production runner, script supervisor and sound trainee, the day will provide you with an overview of production.

What to expect from the day

The day includes:

- An introduction to production from producer Pete Smyth.
- Production case studies presented by NFTS course leaders.
- Networking - we know it’s daunting but it is important!
- Career advice Q&A.
- Exclusive printed career manual with career guides, resources and example CVs for every attendee.

The day will focus on four areas of production that desperately require new recruits.

- Production runners who understand the job and the role of the production office are in high demand. Good production runners will move their way up the ladder very quickly, which is why there is a shortage. The production runner focuses on the role and what to expect when you enter the production office.

- Script supervisors in film and TV are in short supply. It's a complex role that suits meticulous individuals who have a firm grasp on the grammar of filmmaking. Script supervisors bridge the gap between production and post-production on a feature film, as well as looking after the all important area of continuity. It's a misunderstood role, which is why new talent is in demand.

- Floor runners are more in demand than ever. The role of floor runner can be the gateway into the industry for many aspiring filmmakers, but understanding the job, department and the career path are vital to finding success. 

- Sound trainee. In a recent report from the BFI, the role of production sound mixer was flagged up as an area of production with a crew short fall. If you are interested in production sound but still unsure of what the job entails then this section of the day can help answer your questions. 

In the afternoon MFJF will discuss some of the vital issues new entrants need to know, including:

- What is expected of a runner and junior roles within the film industry.

- How should I present myself on my first day?

- Attitude.

- What type of person does the film industry suit?

- What employers expect to find on your CV.

- What are transferable skills.

- Building up a CV to attract employers and HoD's. 

- How to present yourself and how to make an impact at interviews.

Free for PRO Members of MFJF

PRO Members of MFJF pay a deposit of £20 which is refunded if they attend the event. If you are not a member of MFJF, you can still come along, tickets are £20.



You do not need to be a Pro member of My First Job in Film to attend the day, but, you will have to pay for a ticket to the event.

If you are contemplating a career change, or have just left education, finding out what the industry expects from its new recruits is vital. So come armed with questions and a note book!

Order of the Day


Tea, coffee and introductions

10.00 - 13.30

Producers case study with a focus on:

- production runner

- floor runner

- script supervisor

- sound trainee

13.30 - 14.30


14.30 -15.30

Career advice, next steps and Q and A with My First Job in Film


The National Film and Television School is one of the top film, television and new media schools in the world as evidenced by the Observer Newspaper describing the NFTS as the 'The Best Film School in the World'.


Is this a practical course?

The aim of the day is to provide information and debunk any preconceptions you may have about working in the film industry. Ultimately, if you have questions about getting into film and TV drama, this is an opportunity to find out what is available to you; from the roles on offer to the first steps of getting your foot on the ladder.

What do I need to bring with me?

A notebook and pen or Ipad/laptop to take notes and a list of questions for the panel of industry practitioners.

Is lunch provided?

The NFTS have an onsite cantean where lunch can be purchased.

How do I get to Beaconsfield, is there parking?

There are a limited number of parking spaces at the NFTS so let us know if you intend to drive. The train to Beaconsfield runs from Marylebone and takes about 30 minutes. It's then a short walk to the NFTS.

Who is leading the 4 case studies?

Course leaders will be taking the reins for the four case studies. As tutors at the NFTS are all currently working in the industry, they can deliver the mix of real world advice combined with training options.

I am a Pro member of MFJF, how do I claim my refund?

If you are a Pro member, book a place and attend the event, your £20 will be refunded the following Monday.

What do I come away with?

You will also come away with reading material which follows on from the event. Once you have gained a greater insight into the world of feature film production, you can begin to structure your own plan and next steps.