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Academy Pro

If you have some credits on productions but feel like you need an extra push to help elevate your career, apply to take part in the My First Job In Film Academy Pro mentoring programme!

Who can Academy Pro help?

Academy Pro is a mentoring programme, providing Pro members of the community with extra support and guidance as they move up the career ladder. Mentors are chosen to match to your career ambitions; they will listen, help and advise over a six month period.

Pro has been devised to help members who are at stage 3 of their career, so you need to have some experience behind you. If you are just starting out, check out our Up and Running film industry induction day. Academy pro can also help filmmakers creating their own work and submitting to the festival circuit to gain recognition.

If you are successful in your application you will benefit from:

* Bespoke career guidance, CV support, and industry information.

* Workshops including Q & A sessions with experienced industry professionals. 

* Opportunities to network with other members.

* A clear plan and next steps to take your career to the next level. 

* Follow up support from a dedicated mentor over six months.

Who can apply?

Before you submit your application, you need to be a Pro member of the My First Job in Film website and answer yes to at least four of the following questions:

* Do you have over three credits on feature films, high-end TV drama, commercials?

* Do you have 2 or more internships/ junior role in non-production on your CV?

* Do your credits match the same career path you wish to follow, i.e., if you want to be the 1stAD are you a floor runner?

* Are you working on your own projects, you will be asked to provide information?

* Can you supply evidence that you are independently trying to advance your career, what steps have you been taking? 

What can I expect from the day?

Academy Pro is held at a prestigious venue in Soho. With only six mentees at one time, the small group allows you to embrace the experience fully, and you can be sure to get your voice heard above the crowd. 

Liaising with experienced industry members and MFJF staff, we will establish your career goals and lay out how to achieve them. The day itself enables you to ask as many questions as you want and lay down what you hope to accomplish with the mentoring programme.

The day can also comprise of speakers offering case studies from their own experience of filmmaking, offering their thoughts on a specific project you have in mind or helping you understand what they would be looking for in a candidate for your dream job.  Each Pro day is different, but the mentoring remains the foundation of the programme.

Previous speakers

Previous speakers have included producers Richard Holmes and Paul Trijbits. 

Both producers took time to study the careers of the mentees, from their CVs and their submission forms. So when it came to asking questions, they could offer the best possible advice, specific to each participant.